Budapest Property Rentals

Unlimited cable Internet is included in all apartments
Rental prices are fully inclusive of gas, heating, electricity, water & house costs
One rental payment covers all

Budapest Property Rentals
Budapest Student Apartments

Students, welcome to Budapest!

We are committed and have a long reputation for providing extremely good value for money with our apartments here in Budapest. Our largest apartments usually work out at around 10 euro per person per day (300 euro per month) per person per month (pppm) and that includes all utilities and high speed, large capacity wifi ... it is a fully inclusive price.

All our apartments meet a good to excellent base level. All have good quality, certified, checked heating systems and electrics.

We only ask one months deposit and have a solid reputation for returning deposits IN FULL with only cleaning fees (typically 1 euro per sqm) deducted.

We offer flexible contracts where you can stay for a number of weeks / months / years and pay only for the exact time you stay ... so if 4 people need a flat for 4.5 months (a semester) and the price is 1200 euro per month all inclusive we charge you 4.5 x 1200 = 5400 euro (300 euro pppm)

The agency is British owned and staffed with fluent English speakers who fully understand the need for fast efficient service in English.

If there is an outage of electricity, a heater breakdown, a broken window we will respond immediately and organize the repair / fix as soon as our trained qualified maintenance team are available.

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